I believe that a strong military is key to protecting and preserving the United States,and that we have the most powerful military in the world.  One of the obligations to our great military is our responsibility to care for those who have fought to protect our freedoms.  Our veterans have sacrificed so much for all of us and this country.  We must do all we can to ensure these brave men and women-- our American heroes – can be productive members of our society as they return from combat.  That means treating PTSD or ensuring families are cared for as they rehabilitate.  It is my responsibility to make sure that they are treated with the dignity and respect they so richly deserve.  

My stance on these important issues is guided by my fair and conservative principles.  As your representative, I truly believe Arizona will continue to thrive. District 21 is a great example of how a representative who listens to voters, can achieve both their meaningful objectives.  I ask for your vote so together, we keep improving .