As a conservative, one of the core beliefs is limited government. I feel strongly that a government can run efficiently and effectively without severely taxing its citizens.  Many times, taxes can go from the pockets of hard working American citizens to squander in the unaccountable hands of government officials.  Their appetite to grow government is unquenchable and I make it my business to be your backstop for needless spending.  I know firsthand, how much your paycheck means to you.  I am committed and devoted to making sure you are able to keep as much of your money as possible.  Tax cuts  done with a steady hand at the wheel.  Along with that, taxes should not be something that average American citizens struggle to understand; another goal that I would like to continue working toward is simplify our tax code. A flatter tax with less loopholes is what we deserve.   Of course nobody likes taxes, but I think that policy guided by these conservative principles will be productive to the state of Arizona – allowing us to spend our money how we want and when we want.