We continue to discuss border security as if it were the only issue. Immigration has become one of  the biggest issues in our nationand it is high-time that we take control of our borders.  It is not an matter however, that is new to Arizonans.  We have had the debates for decades whether it is SB 1070 or DACA.  That debate is over, of course we must insist on being a nation that safeguards our boundaries.  Yet, we must also streamline and increase the visa process to ensure guest workers benefit our economy and our families.  We must provide a route to legal status for all who seek freedom, opportunity and justice -- including children who were brought here as babies.  These children know of no other place but our Nation as their home.  There is nowhere to “send them” back and there is no simple solution.  But as Americans we are up to the challenge to work together to ensure safety, security and humanity.