Ever since former President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Arizonans have had to pay more in an effort,Healthcare has always been a big ticket item in the United States, in fact the costs are nearly 20% of our entire Gross Domestic Product.  Trillions of dollars and the dirty little secret -- that number is only going up.  Single-payer government healthcare only makes your healthcare line longer as you wait to pay for more government and less healthcare.    Government can be a safety net but should not be a hammock as premiums have gone up, and coverage options have gone down.  That is not something that I will stand idly by and abide.  I want the citizens of Arizona to get the best possible healthcare at the best rates, by asking government to take a step back and allow for competition.  Free enterprise and competition drives down costs and promote better coverage options. While we are seeing Obamacare fail in our state, there are politicians on the left scattered around the country that want to move our healthcare system even farther from the direction it needs to go.  These radical calls for a move to a single-payer system would be detrimental to your coverage – if not your health.